Where kids come to grow.

Treehouse is a Pediatric Therapy Practice in Ramsey, NJ Offering Both Speech and Occupational Therapy Services.


Where kids come to grow.

Treehouse is a Pediatric Therapy Practice in Ramsey, NJ Offering Both Speech and Occupational Therapy Services.

a state-of-the-art therapy facility for your child. 

Treehouse Pediatric Therapy aims to provide kids with a fun and safe space to grow, by offering the best facilities and most innovative treatments all under the guidance of skilled speech and occupational therapists. 


Speech is the verbal means of communicating including articulation (how speech sounds are made), fluency (rhythm of speech), and voice (the actual production of sound). Each area can be addressed at Treehouse. 



Language is how we communicate with others through speaking, writing, and gesturing. It also includes what we hear, read, and understand from those communicating with us. Difficulties in any areas of language can impact a child’s ability to learn and interact with those around them. 

baby eating


Feeding is the act of gathering food in order to eat it.  Once the food enters the mouth the act of swallowing begins.  Many factors come into play when children prepare to eat.  “Picky eaters” and motor difficulties can be addressed with feeding therapy.

SensorY & motor 

Sensorimotor is the process of receiving sensory input and producing a motor response. Sensory information is received through your child's sensory systems (i.e. vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch, vestibular, and proprioception) and then needs to be processed to produce an appropriate motor response to be successful in daily tasks. Occupational therapy can help with the development of both sensory and motor skills. 


MEET OUR Therapists

MEET OUR Therapists

Michelle Lynch Barredo


Michelle is a New Jersey licensed speech-language pathologist and nationally certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA). She is dedicated to making a difference in children’s lives utilizing an interactive, “whole child” approach. Michelle has treated over 250 clients across the age spectrum in various settings including early intervention, elementary school, acute and sub-acute rehabilitation hospitals, and a private practice since 2010. 

Most recently, Michelle worked in a pediatric private practice providing services to children ranging from 12 months to 18 years of age with various speech, language, fluency and feeding disorders. Throughout her experiences, Michelle has developed special interests in articulation and phonological disorders, orofacial myology, and feeding difficulties. She is trained in the SOS Approach to Feeding, PROMPT method, Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson’s Oral Motor intervention, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), and on track to become a certified Orofacial Myologist.

Michelle received a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from The Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology from Northwestern University. Having grown up in Mahwah and Ramsey, Michelle is a dedicated member of the community and is excited to be back working with children in her hometown. 

Parents, look no further, Michelle is the best in her field, and you’ll agree when you meet her. She’s so gentle, so kind, and ready to do her best work for your child. What she’s done for my son, our family, has made life all the more better! Thank you Michelle!
— Melanie I., mother of pre-schooler



Tara is a New Jersey licensed speech-language pathologist who received her Master's degree in Speech-­Language Pathology from Long Island University and is nationally certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA). She is passionate about treating each child as a whole, taking into consideration major developmental areas including cognition, sensory motor, linguistic and psychosocial factors. During graduate school, Tara completed an independent study on the effect of supporting sensory needs on social communicative development in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. She has worked closely with many skilled occupational therapists in a private practice setting, and has developed a deep understanding of the importance of recognizing her client’s sensory needs and how this affects their ability to learn.

Tara’s experience includes working with children with Autism, children with articulation/phonology disorders, executive functioning difficulties, stuttering, language disorders and apraxia of speech. She has additional training in the PROMPT method, the DIR Floortime approach, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), and counseling in stuttering treatment. In addition, Tara has taken an interest in researching the importance of play in child's language development. She is skilled in facilitating speech, language, and social communication through play interactions, making her sessions meaningful and fun for each child, and she is thrilled to be apart of the Treehouse team!



Amanda is a New Jersey licensed speech-language pathologist and nationally certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA).  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communicative Disorders from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Master’s Degree in Speech Language Pathology from Seton Hall University.  Amanda has experience working in both the private practice and home care settings for children ranging in ages 12 months to 18 years. She has treated various speech and language disorders with interest in articulation disorders, expressive and receptive language delays, and stuttering and is trained in PROMPT therapy as well as Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson’s Oral Motor Protocol.  

As a new mom, Amanda is compassionate and understands the importance for each child to receive individualized care, and is very excited to be part of the Treehouse team.  

Christine brogan

occupational therapist

Christine is a registered occupational therapist licensed in the state of New Jersey. Christine received a Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences from James Madison University, with a minor in Special Education. She received her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from Sacred Heart University. Prior to joining Treehouse she has worked in sub-acute and long term care settings and has spent several years in sensory-based outpatient pediatrics.

Christine has experience working with children of all ages, with varying diagnoses and developmental levels. She has advanced training in sensory processing disorders and sensory integration treatment, visual processing therapy, yoga for children with special needs, integrated listening systems, and early intervention. She is certified in the Handwriting Without Tears program for pre-school and grades K-5. Christine is experienced in creating sensory diets, home exercise programs, and collaborating with parents, schools and other professionals regarding client progress. She utilizes playful and targeted interventions to help clients achieve goals, and is passionate about educating caregivers on strategies to foster development in home and school environments.

Our son loves working with Christine and looks forward to his sessions all week. He has made great progress and we have seen his confidence grow in both school and playing baseball with his team. Christine’s patience, kindness, and expertise has helped him in working towards his sensory goals. In fact, he’s having so much fun that he doesn’t know he’s “working”. Christine also designed an extensive sensory diet with ideas and strategies to support him at home and at school. We are so pleased with his progress and feel so lucky that he works with such a knowledgeable and supportive therapist!
— Stephanie W., mother of a toddler



Carolyn, aka "Carly,"  received her Bachelors’ and Master’s Degrees in Communication Disorders and Sciences from William Paterson University. She is a licensed speech-language pathologist and certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA). Carly has experience in both clinical and school settings where she gained a strong foundation in working with the pediatric population. She has provided diagnostic and therapeutic intervention for children and adolescents with articulation and phonological disorders, learning disabilities, receptive and expressive language disorders, pragmatic language disorders, and children diagnosed with Autism, Downs Syndrome, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
Carly utilizes functional and enjoyable activities throughout therapy to facilitate speech and language and promote carryover of skills and she is especially interested in the treatment of oral motor and feeding difficulties. Carly believes collaboration with a child's family, teachers, and additional supports plays an important role in therapy and provides an enriching environment for the child. 



Megan is a New Jersey licensed speech-language pathologist and certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA). She also holds a certificate from the New Jersey Department of Education as a Speech Language Specialist. Megan received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Seton Hall University and her Master of Arts degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Kean University. She has worked in sub-acute rehabilitation centers, middle and high schools, early intervention and the private practice setting.She has provided services to children, adolescents and adults ranging from the ages of 18 months to 21 years. Megan has experience in treating oral motor and feeding difficulties, articulation disorders, phonological disorders, autism, verbal apraxia, and language disorders.

Megan is trained in the SOS (sequential oral sensory) approach to address feeding difficulties with children. She has a special interest in diagnosing and treating children with apraxia, oral motor and articulation difficulties. Megan is passionate about her career. She is kind-hearted and loves working with children to make a difference in their lives as well as the lives of their families.