treehouse: where kids come to grow

Treehouse Pediatric Therapy was founded to provide kids with a fun and safe space to grow. In order for treatment to be most successful, we need our kids to be engaged, motivated, and available to learn.  We pride ourselves on meeting each child where he or she is at and doing so in a supportive and fun manner. 

Treehouse consists of three treatment rooms where we incorporate both traditional and sensory-based methods.  Based on each client’s age and areas of need the therapist will decide which room is most appropriate.  

We strive to stay current with the most effective and innovative treatments for speech, language, feeding, sensory, or motor disorders.  In order to provide our clients with the highest level of care, we utilize technology, current research, and attend courses to further our knowledge and skills. We also recognize the importance families play in the therapeutic process and take pride in providing family training to ensure carryover of newly developed skills for each child. 

My son, Daniel, was very speech delayed and started with Michelle as his speech therapist in January 2013 and would see her on a regular basis, 3 times per week for a year and a half. At the time he started he was 2 1/2 years old and spoke very little. He also had a very hard time separating.

From the start Michelle was very caring, playful and inventive so Daniel felt at home quickly. Soon his separation anxiety went away and Daniel would gladly take Michelle’s hand and look forward to working/playing with her. Within a year, he went from simple yes/no answers to putting together 4 word sentences.

Michelle always had time to answer our questions/worries. She also introduced us to PECS (Picture Exchange System) that helped Daniel tremendously. We saw an overall change in him during the time he spent with Michelle and especially his frustrations/tantrums (due to lack of speech) would decrease dramatically.

I can with all of my heart recommend Michelle to work with your child. She is not only very knowledgeable in her field, but genuinely takes a personal interest in improving your child’s overall speech. My family and I are still very grateful for all her help and advice in a very stressfull time and thanks to her, Daniel is a much happier child today!
— Hilde M., Daniel's Mom